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Impact of COVID-19 on Indian HPAPI industry

The COVID 19 pandemic has considerably affected the High Potency APIs / high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI) market a great deal. This primarily includes the supply chain of the global market. India is the central hub to produce API in Southeast Asia; hence the impact of COVID was extreme as the market was affected tremendously. Furthermore, most of the APIs, especially the high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing, occur in India which holds nearly 20% of the global generic pharmaceutical drug manufacturing market. Hence India plays a pivotal role in the manufacture of generic medicine or drugs in the global market.

Impact of COVID-19 on Indian HPAPI industry

Since it was a global pandemic, India had to authenticate the export curb on many drugs, including the high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients. This move avoided the inclusive domestic shortages but accounted for a percentage of pharmaceutical exports, which exponentially affected the global market. But the research estimates show the overall response in the production of COVID-19 vaccines at the average rate, which would remain hindered for a short period of time. But the market would grow eventually when the supply chain is increased and advancements in the technology and protocols are revised and put into effect.

The high potency API market has many contenders having a significant share of the pharmaceutical growth prospects in the economic sector, and which are dominating the global economic market. Some are Novartis, Pfizer, and Thermo- Fischer Scientific industries. The strategies and protocols must be renewed and executed to increase the supply chain in the Asian market. With the slowdown in the global economy, it is essential to retrieve the economic loss suffered as fast as possible.

The global high-efficiency active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) market is expected to rise since they selectively target diseased cells and is more functional and operative. Hence there is a rise in the research and development in the studies and experimentation of anti-cancer drugs, further fuelling the demand for HPAPI. This will promote the growth of the HPAPI market and increase the investment in the research and development sector, thereby further increasing the launch of biotech and pharmaceutical industries in India. In addition, there is a growing percentage in the demand for high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing relating to the targeted therapy and the functional research in oncology and chemotherapy.

HPAPI is also used as an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) for the effective treatment method for cancer using monoclonal antibodies and bioactive drugs, driving the market growth in the ADC domain. The need for targeted treatment methods is increasing and HPAPI helps understand the risks involving exposure and harmful effects to healthy and non-cancerous cells or tissues.

HPAPI is commonly used as a hormonal drug in the treatment of Glaucoma, central nervous system drugs and musculoskeletal drugs and for breast cancer. The glaucoma treatment drugs are expected to increase market growth. They often find it helpful in treating hormonal imbalances too. Hence extensive research and development is done in the field of oncology in developing specific antibody- drug conjugates as biomarkers. Thus, HPAPI finds various applications in the field of scientific research and development.

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