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Dr. Reddy’s at 5th CII LIFE SCIENCES SUMMIT 2023 - Making India a Global Pharma and Lifesciences Innovation Hub

Dr. Reddys at 5th CII LIFE SCIENCES SUMMIT 2023

Mr. Gunjan Singh, VP & Head (Europe & U.S.), API Sales and Marketing at Dr. Reddys API, shared profound insights at the recent summit themed "Making India a Global Pharma and Lifesciences Innovation Hub." His comprehensive coverage included pivotal topics such as evolving business models, bridging academia-industry gaps, fermenting technology for robust API manufacturing, enforcing the new Schedule M, and fostering a new Indian vaccine ecosystem.

Mr. Gunjan Singh, VP & Head (Europe & U.S.)

Gunjan Singh emphasized India's potential for self-sufficiency in API and outlined strategies for achieving cost competitiveness. Intellectual property rights were underscored as a key focus area for long-term results. His invaluable recommendations have garnered widespread appreciation from participants and stakeholders within the Pharma and Biotech industry.

The summit witnessed the convergence of senior Government officials, policymakers, key industry experts, innovators, and academicians. Together, they deliberated to propel India into an Innovation Hub in the Lifesciences Sector.

Making India a Global Pharma and Lifesciences Innovation Hub

  • Business Evolution: Exploring new business models for Lifesciences innovation.
  • Academia-Industry Synergy: Strengthening collaboration between academic research and industry.
  • Technological Advancements: Development of fermentation technology for enhanced API manufacturing.
  • Regulatory Framework: Insights on the impact of the new Schedule M.

Mr. Gunjan Singh's contribution at the summit marks a significant step forward in shaping the future of India's Pharma and Biotech landscape. The collaborative efforts showcased the nation's commitment to becoming a global leader in Lifesciences innovation.

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