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Dr. Reddy’s Pharma API Customer Service

Customer Service

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The Roles and Responsibilities of
Dr. Reddy’s API Customer Service Team:

To support the operations and requirements of the customers of Dr. Reddy’s API business, efficient and seamless customer services is essential.

Dr. Reddy's Customer service team (CSC) plays a significant role in the success of Dr. Reddy's APIs business operations by being a strong link between the business, customers, and the extensive network of stakeholders. CSC team engages with all cross-functional teams within Dr. Reddy’s to address the needs of customer queries and sample requests. The team follows a transparent process with defined service level agreements (SLA) to ensure the turnaround is quick enough to address the customer needs.

Our CSC team comprises customer service specialists that handle commercial part of order to cash process, technical specialists that handle technical and quality enquiries, and program managers to address specific customer requests that need attention from the particle engineering perspective. CSC team with region-specific focus is part of the day-to-day engagements with customers’ team for providing a solution to their needs. True to the company's brand image, the CSC team maintains a long-lasting relationship with the key customers to add value in their product development and commercialization processes.

The CSC team represents all API units of Dr. Reddy’s, and acts as the single point of contact to customers across various geographies.

Customer journey is divided into two categories:

Enquiry to Order

All types of technical queries related to product pre-and post-sales

Order to Cash

All types of commercial queries related to product pre-and post-sales.

Enquiry to order queries is handled by CSC Technical team, and all order to cash queries are handled by CSC commercial team.

There are two verticals in the customer service team:

CSC technical team
  • Manages the journey in addressing all queries (includes organizing required documents/samples/impurities for qualification) from enquiry to the receipt of order, and solves any further issues that customers face during Dr. Reddy’s API usage.
  • Pre and Post sale queries – Updates on delays, complaints, technical specifications, documentation, quality, regulatory support in dossier filling, and customer dispatch issues with the product.
Commercial team
  • Manages the journey from receipt of order to cash cycle, discussion with manufacturing team, and order updates.
  • Provides delivery date and time for purchase orders as well as periodic updates on deliverables.
  • The technical and commercial team, together as CSC function, engages with customers on a day-to-day basis and exchanges transactional information. Therefore, it builds a strong connection with them and contributes to vertical and horizontal business growth.
  • CSC function interacts and drives innovator business growth by submission of RFQ’s and other dedicated support services.
  • As part of the CSC function, a dedicated program management team drives timely samples, seeding, and lock-ins delivered to customers, ensuring future business continuity.

Customer journey consists of the following significant touchpoints:

At every milestone of the customer journey, the CSC team helps in timely coordination with internal stakeholders for providing the right solution and information to the customer within defined SLA’s.

Additionally, one of the significant and complex challenges is meeting various customer particle size requirements that depend on the customer drug product. Most commercial products have the range to meet those different particle size requirements; however, few queries require additional study in plant and R&D.

Such queries are program managed by CSC function and ensure those requirements are met and help build a strong-future business.

  • The CSC (technical/commercial) team will continuously engage with each customer for timely responses and updates on the pending deliverables (queries/supply).
  • CSC provides prior intimation to customers in case of any delays/unforeseen issues triggered during manufacturing / testing/dispatches.

CSC (technical/commercial) team contributes to the following categories for overall business growth:

  • New business through samples, seedings, and Lock-Ins.
  • Existing/On-going business – Ensure timely delivery of commercial orders with the help and support of relevant stakeholders like manufacturing, SCM, quality, etc.
  • Supporting customers with additional orders for products where stocks are available with the help of the business team.
  • Dedicated customer service to innovators and key accounts.

Dr. Reddys provides its customers with a superior service experience with a platform called XCEED.

  • XCEED is a customer self-service platform.
  • XCEED platform is divided into the following sections:
    • Product Knowledge
    • Enquiry to Order (All queries related to Dr. Reddy's API products from enquiry to commercial and post-commercial dispatches)
    • Order to Cash (All orders related to information and relevant documents are available here for customer download)
  • XCEED is a single point platform that connects customers across the globe with our customer service experts, who in turn manage to address all queries within defined SLA's. Internally reports from XCEED are used as part of a daily governance mechanism to ensure there are no overdue tasks, and all are closed before the defined SLA's
  • XCEED, as the platform is intelligently connected to our internal systems, fetches required order-related information and relevant documents for download for the customer against their orders.
  • As part of continuous improvement, XCEED will add more exciting features for the customers.

XCEED - Dr. Reddy’s Customer Service Platform

We are here to help, if you have any country specific requirements.

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