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XCEED – Our no boundary customer engagement platform

  • Our partners are on a mission to bring medicines to patients faster. Accessing real time information about products and their business with us is key to improving their operational efficiency.
  • Our customer service platform, XCEED creates an exemplary service experience for our customers and increases engagement. Customers across the globe are able to manage the whole business process in real time – from ordering samples to submitting and tracking orders – providing convenience and transparency.
  • The platform also allows customers to closely interact with our interdisciplinary support team. Sign up today at: Sign Up


What’s Dr. Reddy’s XCEED?

Dr. Reddy’s XCEED is a B2B customer service platform for our API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) business.

Why should I use Dr. Reddy’s XCEED?

Dr. Reddy’s XCEED will help you to manage the whole business process in real time, from ordering samples to submit and track their orders, but also to closely interact with Dr. Reddy’s interdisciplinary support team and much more.

I work for a global company. Is Dr. Reddy’s XCEED accessible by all my colleagues around the globe?

Catering to leading innovator and generic companies across the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Japan, Korea and other emerging markets, Dr. Reddy’s XCEED is accessible for customers around the globe.

Can I order samples on Dr. Reddy’s XCEED?

Yes, Dr. Reddy’s XCEED offers the possibility to order sample quantities of our APIs.

How can I get access to Dr. Reddy’s XCEED?

Getting access to Dr. Reddy’s XCEED is easy. B2B Customers can generate an account here: Generate Account

I’m not able to register, who can help me?

Please contact our service team at:


Meet with our product experts in one-on-one virtual sessions

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