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Dr. Reddy’s Achieves AEO-T3 Certification, Elevating Global Trade Facilitation

Hyderabad, 10th November 2023
AEO Certificate

Dr. Reddy's, is pleased to announce its attainment of the prestigious Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) - T-3 certification, a recognition of excellence in international supply chain security and compliance with the World Customs Organization's (WCO) stringent standards.

The AEO program, an integral part of the SAFE Framework of Standards, is designed to secure and facilitate global trade by identifying and certifying businesses that meet specific security and safety standards in their international supply chain processes. The AEO-T3 certification is the highest level achievable and places Dr. Reddy among the elite few in India’s chemical/pharmaceutical/biologics sector, with only eight companies holding this distinction out of the 124 AEO-T3 certified entities in the country.

AEO Structure

Building upon its prior AEO-T2 certification from 2018 to 2021, Dr. Reddy’s undertook a comprehensive improvement journey, culminating in the recent certification as an AEO-T3 holder. The company’s commitment to compliance and continuous enhancement was evident in the customs audit conducted by the Export Promotion Department under the supervision of the Hyderabad Customs Commissioner.

The Directorate of International Customs – Central Board of Indirect Taxes in New Delhi recommended Dr. Reddy’s AEO-T3 status, acknowledging the company’s adherence to the highest supply chain security standards. This achievement has tangible benefits that will significantly enhance the company’s international trade operations.

As an AEO-T3 certificate holder, Dr. Reddy’s is entitled to various privileges, including deferred payment facilities for import shipments, streamlined clearance procedures, reduced container scanning, self-certified document processing, and more. These advantages will streamline import and export processes and position Dr. Reddy’s as a leader in international trade facilitation.

Global Trade

Dr. Reddy’s achievement of AEO-T3 certification reinforces its commitment to excellence in international trade practices and positions the company at the forefront of secure and streamlined global commerce. The benefits of this certification will enhance operational efficiency and contribute to Dr. Reddy’s continued success in the international marketplace.

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