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Xceed Platform

XCEED - Dr. Reddy’s Customer Service Platform for our API Customers

Dr. Reddy's provides its customers with a superior service experience through well-defined processes and a digital engagement platform called XCEED. For our API customers, XCEED enables the customer to manage the complete inquiry and procurement process of Dr. Reddy's generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in real-time. In addition, with its advanced B2B customer service portal features, XCEED is entirely focused on significantly increasing the operational efficiency in doing business with Dr. Reddy's.

We have designed the XCEED platform by gathering insights and understanding the customers' pain points through surveys, market research, and conversations with our customers. As a result, XCEED is created to seamlessly cater to the customers' needs by providing an advanced customer experience and facilitating collaboration.

XCEED gives instant access to an industry-leading portfolio that spans a wide range of indications and complex molecules such as steroids, peptides, or highly potent APIs (HPAPI). From ordering samples to submitting and tracking their orders, XCEED provides convenience and transparency to our customers by providing a centralized platform to interact with Dr. Reddy's interdisciplinary customer service team that helps in the timely delivery of the APIs.

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Plataforma de engajamento ao cliente Dr. Reddy

Why Choose XCEED Customer Service Platform:

Why Choose XCEED Customer Service Platform - Dr. Reddy's

Key Features of XCEED Customer service:

Access to technical documents and whitepapers – Knowledge Enhancement
Option to raise any type of service request – Everything, Anytime
Direct notification and update on requests and orders – Most convenient way
Dedicated customer service team supporting all transactions – Faster turnaround


“The information on XCEED is well structured and easy to find. This makes my life much easier” -

Associate Director, Global Procurement, French generics company.

“It’s not just another fancy platform. It gives quick access to the data I need and it also connects me to the right person for my requirements” -

Formulation Development Scientist, CDMO

We are here to help, if you have any country specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Dr. Reddy’s XCEED is a B2B customer service platform for our API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) business.

Dr. Reddy’s XCEED will help you to manage the whole business process in real time, from ordering samples to submit and track their orders, but also to closely interact with Dr. Reddy’s interdisciplinary support team and much more.

Catering to leading innovator and generic companies across the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Japan, Korea and other emerging markets, Dr. Reddy’s XCEED is accessible for customers around the globe.

Yes, Dr. Reddy’s XCEED offers the possibility to order sample quantities of our APIs.

Getting access to Dr. Reddy’s XCEED is easy. B2B Customers can generate an account here: Generate Account

Please contact our service team at:

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