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Tech sheet: Dr. Reddy's Bempedoic Acid API Offerings

Bempedoic acid (Brand: Nexletol, Innovator: Esperion) is an essentially new, oral treatment option approved for patients needing further LDL-C lowering beyond maximally tolerated statin therapy. Bempedoic acid is the first oral, once-daily, non-statin LDL-C lowering medicine approved since 2002 for indicated patients.

Bempedoic acid acts by inhibiting ATP citrate lyase. It is a prodrug activated only in the liver, thus preventing the muscle related adverse events seen with statins.

Esperion’s product was approved in the US in February 2020 and Europe in April 2020. It has also inked a commercialization deal with Otsuka in Japan and entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Daiichi Sankyo for South Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

Bempedoic acid is available in two approved formulations:

  • 180 mg tablet of bempedoic acid
  • Fixed-dose combination of 180 mg bempedoic acid and 10 mg ezetimibe.

Dr. Reddy’s is well-positioned to meet the global demand for bempedoic acid. We have established solid strategic sourcing, logistics partnerships and work closely with our customers to successfully manage the capacities of our manufacturing units ahead of launches.

Are you interested in adding bempedoic acid to your portfolio? Please get in touch with us at To know more about our offering and pipeline products, Log in to our customer service portal XCEED (

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